Data Literacy for Postdocs Workshops Start March 21

Submitted on March 8, 2017

Data Literacy Workshops for Postdocs

  1. Data Management for Postdocs – March 21, 12-1:30 in the Main Library Room A112 (located in the lower level of the Integrated Learning Center a.k.a the ILC)
  2. Data Curation for Postdocs TBA


Which data skills are the most important for postdocs to have? The nuts and bolts of managing data in the lab on a daily basis? Or, the ability to set data in its larger disciplinary context, assure its quality, and maintain it for future reuse? While both skillsets are important, there is a discrepancy between faculty and students/postdocs in their assessment: graduate students/postdocs think the first skillset is more important, while their faculty supervisors think the second skillset is more important. Moreover, faculty tend to believe that graduate students and postdocs should already have acquired both skillsets by the time they come to work in the lab, so they rarely provide formal training. This discrepancy between faculty expectations and the understanding of their students and postdocs highlights a significant gap in the training of scientists (Carlson et al., 2013).

Data Literacy for Postdocs is a two-part series of 90-minute workshops to help postdocs develop skills in research data management and curation. While the workshops stand alone in either order, taking both parts will give you an overview of the data literacy skills required of the 21st century scientist. Most major funders now require the submission of a Data Management Plan in any grant proposal, and completing both workshops will give you the information you need to complete one successfully.

  1. Data Management for Postdocs – March 21, 12-1:30 in the Main Library, Room A112, a.k.a. the ILC classroom [20 participants max]

Covers the best practices of managing and documenting data on a daily basis in the lab, and sets data management in the larger context of the research data lifecycle, including developing lab data protocols and the first part of a Data Management Plan. Click here to register

  1. Data Curation for Postdocs (Discipline-specific) – TBA [20 participants max]

Helps postdocs familiarize themselves with the disciplinary practices around data in their field. Using discipline-specific resources, postdocs will explore data acquisition, data repositories, dataset vetting, open access requirements by funders and journals, and data archiving using open data formats. This material also covers the information you need to know to complete the rest of your Data Management Plan.  Date and time TBA


Offered by the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship, UA Libraries

Mary Bell, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Chris Kollen, Data Curation Librarian

In conjunction with the Postdoctoral Affairs Office and the UA Graduate Center