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The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) grants are terrific. With support for travel, research, professional development, and more, there’s a GPSC grant out there for you. To share more about these opportunities, we reached out to GPSC’s Lauren Fritzsche, Funding Administrator, and Aakanksha Arora, Grants Director. We’ll let them take it from here!

In the funding world, we like to say that fellowships go to people and grants go to projects.


Generally, this is a fairly accurate description. But, you ask, does this matter?


Collectively, the Graduate College Office of Fellowships has approximately 31 years of experience with fellowships. In this last newsletter of 2016 I will pass along some bits and pieces we have learned along the way.

The most frequently asked question I receive from graduate students is how to find funding. Finding funding is like finding a job; it takes a mixture of work, perseverance, luck, and connections. 

We have some basic information on funding graduate school on our website ( Further, here are a few strategies to keep in mind in your search for graduate funding:

1. Talk to People