Graduate Center Videos

The Graduate Center records workshops, panels, and presentations whenever possible and appropriate. You may view the videos on this page or view them on the UA YouTube Graduate Center playlist page. If you are looking for videos related to Grad Slam, please visit the Grad Slam Videos page.

To select a video, use the playlist menu in the top left corner of the video player.

Here is a list of the programs that are in the playlist as of May 26, 2015:

Panel on Academic Writing and Publishing featuring Gender and Womens' Studies Professor Monica Casper, Dean of the James E Rogers College of Law, Marc Miller, and Molecular and Cellular Biology ProfessorTricia Serio

Panel on Engaging Academic and Non-academic Audiences featuring Director of Communications Stephanie Balzer of the UA Foundation, Assistant Dean Bob Logan of the College of Science, and Vice Provost Tom Miller

Panel on Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration featuring Neuroscience Professor John Hildebrand, School of Music Professor Emerita Paula Fan, and School of Natural Resources and the Environment Director and Professsor Stuart Marsh

MacArthur Fellows Speaker Series (Spring 2015), which looks at the work of five of the UA's very own recipients of the MacArthur Foundation's prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, a.k.a the Genius Grant.

  • "Observing Exoplanets and Looking for Life around other Stars," Dr. Olivier Guyon, Optical Sciences and Astronomy
  • “Seeds Sown by Hand: Conservation You Can Taste," Dr. Gary Nabhan, UA Southwest Center
  • “A model in Language education, training and advocacy: The American Indian Language Development Institute," Dr. Ofelia Zepeda, Linguistics and American Indian Studies
  • “Sleeping-Death Protocol in Search of Classificatory Life," Dr. Brackette Williams, Cultural Anthropology

The Lecture Series on Healthy Living (Spring 2016), which offers research-based approaches to creating a healthy, balanced, and productive lifestyle. Four out six of the lectures were recorded.

  • "The Resilience Advantage" with Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD, University of Arizona
  • "Lifestyle and Brain Health" with Michael J. Zigmond, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • "Positive Psychology Applications for Resiliency and Well-Being" with Michael Strangstalien, MA, MFT, LPC, NCC, University of Arizona
  • "Why Sleep Matters" with Patricia Haynes, PhD, University of Arizona

Career and Professional Development Lectures by Drs. Beth A. Fischer and Michael J. Zigmond (Spring 2016)

  • "Moving Through Your Career: From Graduate Studies to Postdoctoral Training to Employment"
  • "Writing Research Papers: From Idea to Publication"

Managing Debt and Budgeting for Success (2016) featuring TCI Foundation Executive Director Laura Walton

Last updated 28 Nov 2016