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Alumni career spotlight of Lisa Felix-Strishock (PhD 2018), curriculum developer for CosmoQuest

Susan Kaleita, Senior Director of Employer and Alumni Engagement for Student Engagement & Career Development, earned her master’s degree from the U of A. The path between degree and directorship, however, was not a direct one. Her current role, as well as her own career experiences, make Kaleita particularly well-situated to aid graduate students in their career goals. Kaleita recognizes not only the many career paths open to graduate students, but also the ways to move from one path to another.

Alumni career spotlight of Kevin Chau (DMA 2018), Development Coordinator for Queensland Performing Arts Centre
Alumni career spotlight of Chris Cornelison (B.S. 2010, MPA 2012), Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Oro Valley
Alumni career spotlight of Erin David (BA 2010, MS 2013), Senior Planner at Alta Planning + Design
Alumni career spotlight of Dr. Jerry Won Lee (PhD 2014), Associate Professor at UC-Irvine

Graduate students work in a wide variety of positions during their time at university, and in doing so gain critical knowledge and skills alongside their expertise in their field. John Singer, a certified professional résumé writer and a dedicated career coach and advisor with 15 years of experience, shares some advice on how graduate students can leverage their experience for success in the job market.

In a changing social, technical, and environmental landscape, myriad opportunities exist for those with advanced degrees. Despite the regularity with which speakers and writers set up a false dichotomy between academia and the so-called “real world,” as though universities are imaginary realms, graduate students know that academia and other career pathways are equally real and equally valid -- and that they should be prepared for both.