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The University Fellows Award is a prestigious fellowship offered only to the University of Arizona's highest-ranked incoming graduate students. The Graduate College and Graduate Center administer the award.

The Selection Process Overview

  • Eligible programs put forward two nominees through the UF Online Nomination Form. Nominees will be placed into one of nine academic categories derived from CGS and IPEDS designations. The academic categories are as follows.
    1. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    2. Arts
    3. Biological, Health, and Medical Sciences
    4. Business
    5. Education
    6. Engineering
    7. Humanities

The world's challenges require interdisciplinary solutions from the top minds. The University Fellows Program prepares the UA's most distinguished graduate students to be the innovative leaders the world needs.

The University Fellows Program is the flagship initiative of the Graduate Center. The program includes a fellowship offered to the University's highest-ranked incoming doctoral and masters students.

A primary objective of the University Fellows Program is to produce interdisciplinary and collaborative leaders.To achieve this goal, the Graduate Center has developed weekly programming that fosters professional development, interdisciplinary innovation, community engagement, and mentoring, Fellows benefit from rich opportunities to forge new connections with people and ideas, while strengthening their foundational knowledge and professional preparation.

The University of Arizona offers a variety of resources to help students and postdoctoral fellows succeed in their endeavors. The Graduate Center has collected many of the campus-wide resources into one place to help maximize the time of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Find information related to Professional Development, the Job Search and Preparation, Writing and Publishing, Research Resources, Teaching, Mentoring, Community Engagement, and Funding Sources and Preparation.

President Robert Robbins has been on campus a relatively short time, but he is already adding his style and expertise to the University of Arizona. The Strategic Plan -- though a collaborative effort still in its early stages -- is one such area of influence. Robbins recently outlined his hopes for graduate programs and students as part of that plan.