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Most graduate students probably recognize Shelley Hawthorne Smith’s name from her invaluable emails on funding opportunities and resources from the Office of Fellowships and Community Engagement. What you may not know is that Hawthorne Smith recently joined the team working in the Graduate Center, and that she has a number of exciting projects in the works!
Sonia Delphin-Pérez may be a first-year doctoral student and University Fellow, but she joins the Natural Resources and the Environmental graduate program with a wealth of experience in field work, education, and advocacy. After years of conservation efforts with the World Wildlife Fund, she is expanding her expertise to include social and economic factors in preserving the natural world.
Alumni career spotlight of Danielle Lydia Sheather (MFA 2016), Clinical Assistant Professor of Dance
Alumni career spotlight of Lisa Felix-Strishock (PhD 2018), curriculum developer for CosmoQuest
Alumni career spotlight of Danielle Adams (PhD 2018), Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications at Lowell Observatory
Alumni career spotlight of Hannah Tierney (PhD 2016), Lecturer at University of Sydney
Alumni career spotlight of José R. Soto (BA 2006, MS 2008), Assistant Professor at the U of A

Like many graduate students, Amanda Snell isn’t waiting until she earns her degree to start making the world a better place. For the past ten years, she has worked with underserved populations on behalf of literacy, access, and the many social needs and policy issues related to language learning. She has designed innovative courses in English as a Second Language for adult learners, published articles about her research on family literacy and community-based classrooms, presented her work on multilingual curricula at national conferences, and effectively partnered with language communities in three countries.

Most graduate students beginning their work at the University of Arizona haven’t already established their credentials and credibility as a scholar, researcher, or artist.  Not Khaled Jarrar.  With internationally acclaimed art projects stretching back a decade, Jarrar is already an established, lauded, and highly visible artist.