Selection of the Fellows

The Graduate Center, Deans, Dirrectors of Graduate Studies, and Program Coordinators collaborate in the selection and recruitment of University Fellows.

Program Eligibility

  • Any newly admitted doctoral student who will matriculate in the fall semester (Outstanding recruits from master's degree programs that require 60 or more units are also eligible.)
  • Students accepted to programs that are primarily on campus (Distance and Outreach programs are not eligible.)
  • Students with stellar undergraduate or master's degree academic/creative records
  • Students interested in interdisciplinary exchange, collaboration, mentoring, leadership, and engaging with multiple communities

The Selection Process

  1. The Graduate College announces the fellowship to Deans, Program Coordinators, and Directors of Graduate Studies early in the fall semester
  2. Directors of each graduate program send their Dean a ranked list of their most distinguished applicants
  3. Deans send a ranked list of their nominees to the Graduate Center Program Coordinator
  4. The Graduate Center Director and the academic programs inform finalists of the award and work together to recruit the new University Fellow

Interested in learning more about the selection process? Contact the Graduate Center Program Coordinator at

Last updated 28 Feb 2017