Alumni Career Spotlights

One of the Graduate Center’s objectives is to prepare graduate students for whatever post-degree career path appeals to them; the Graduate Center provides workshops, resources, and professional development for careers not just in academia, but also in non-profits, private sector industry or business, and government. To highlight the variety of trajectories students might pursue, we are reaching out to graduate-level alumni across all fields of study and sectors of employment to learn about the paths to their current position.  


Dr. Jerry Won Lee -- Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English

Dr. José R. Soto -- Agricultural and Resource Economics

Dr. Hannah Tierney -- Philosophy

Danielle Lydia Sheather -- Dance

Business & Industry

Erin David -- Urban Planning

Cathy de la Cruz -- Creative Writing


Chris Cornelison -- Public Administration


Dr. Danielle Adams -- Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Dr. Kevin Chau -- Musical Arts

Holly Griffith -- English Literature

Dr. Lisa Felix-Strishock -- Science Education and Environmental Learning