Support for Departments and Programs

Graduate students in all disciplines are increasingly pursuing diverse career paths.  We provide information on recent graduate student outcome trends and a short summary of graduate student career development [Link to PDF].  If you are faculty or staff who supports career development for graduate students or postdoctoral scholars, please do not hesitate to request a workshop specifically tailored for your department or program. We can design content and a time length that best suits your needs.

Contact Shawn Nordell, Associate Director of Graduate Career Services to discuss a workshop tailored for your department or program. Here is a list of potential workshops:

  • Introduction to Career Development -  Explore the diverse and flexible career paths for graduate students and review available Graduate Center career resources.
  • Career Planning and Graduate Center Career Resources – Review the career planning process and how to create a personalized career development plan.
  • Transferable Skills – How to Use What You Learned in Your Graduate Career – Identify the transferable skills from graduate student training and explore how these can bolster diverse career paths.
  • Creating Professional Connections and a LinkedIn profile – Learn some simple strategies for purposefully creating your professional network and broadening employment opportunities.
  • Efficient Job Searches – Searching for the right job with the right employer can be challenging.  Learn how to expedite your job search and which search engines are your best fit.
  • Tailoring your Job Materials – Employers are looking for someone with specific skills and experiences that best match their needs. Learn how to “decode” job ads and create relevant job materials.
  • Preparing for Interviews - Learn how to make a great first impression in job interviews and prepare answers to common interview questions.