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Looking Ahead for the Graduate College

Submitted on March 15, 2021
For the past year, the Graduate College -- like the University as a whole, and, for that matter, many institutions around the globe -- has been in crisis-management mode. Public health concerns and budget concerns have been primary factors in decisions, many of which feel alarming. We’re all looking forward to a post-pandemic future, including Dean Andrew Carnie, who hopes to implement proposals to re-center the Graduate College in its educational mission.

Catching Up with Four Fellows

Submitted on March 15, 2021
Each newsletter features a profile of an exceptional University Fellow, all of whom are doing critical work here at UArizona. This issue, we’re checking in with four University Fellow alumni, each of whom is pursuing an exciting career and deepening their impact.

4 Career Benefits of Community Engagement Work

Submitted on February 8, 2021
Many graduate programs focus on developing scholars in three areas: research, teaching, and service. While most graduate students will receive direct training and support for their research and teaching endeavors, less attention is usually paid to the service component. Pursuing community engagement work offers direct and indirect benefits while simultaneously enhancing one’s service work.

Exploring Existence Through Education

Submitted on February 8, 2021
University Fellow Sy Simms came from a family of academically-inclined individuals, so in some ways going to graduate school felt like a foregone conclusion. On the way to their current doctoral program, Simms has made time for a huge array of experiences, hobbies, and work -- all of which have made them more dedicated to their current work in higher education policy.

Pursuing an Internship as a Graduate Student

Submitted on January 27, 2021
Puzzle Pieces
From the Graduate Center Office of Career Support By Joel Muraco Completing an internship while in school is a great way to diversify your experience, enhance your skills, gain insider knowledge about a particular role or employer, and network with professionals in your field. While it can be challenging to carve out the time required to complete an internship, an internship can give you the competitive edge and relevant network you need to help you successfully navigate into your post-education career, especially if considering a career beyond the academia. What follows are important considerations and insights to help you make an informed decision about whether an internship is right for you and, if it is, important information for you to be aware of.