Research Bazaar Arizona (Campus Partner)


All Day, May 15 to 17, 2024


This is a Campus Partner event held by ResBaz Arizona. 

Research Bazaar Arizona (or ResBaz Arizona) is a highly collaborative event where anyone, regardless of discipline or previous experience, can learn, share knowledge, find help, and have fun! We are innovative and community-centered, with a commitment to inclusiveness. The free event is open to all and will include in-person and online activities. Reasons to attend include:

  • Learn Next-Gen Skills: Dive into workshops and sessions led by data experts to master the latest digital research tools and techniques.
  • Collaborate and Network: Connect with like-minded researchers from various fields, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and community building.
  • Share Your Knowledge: Have something to teach? ResBaz Festival is the perfect platform to share your skills and contribute to the collective learning experience.

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