How to Submit to D2L

Please follow the directions below to submit drafts for feedback. Questions for the additional document are below the directions.


To submit essays, please upload them to the Assignment folder on the program's d2l site. If you do not have access to the program's d2l site, please contact the program instructor: Shelley Hawthorne Smith (

Submitting Essays

Please help us out by following these directions:

  1. Label your document according to the following directions: Name_Department_Fellowship_Date (e.g. EmiSmith_Anthro_NSF DDRI_06.18.23).
  2. Upload your drafts as a Word document (not a pdf), so we can comment on them easily.
  3. On D2L, select the "Assignments" tab. Then, upload your document to the Assignment folder corresponding to the correct deadline.

Additional Document with Responses to Questions

Please submit another document following this criteria:

  • Label your documenta according to these directions: Name_Department_Answers_Date (e.g. PeterZheleva_ComputerScience_Answers_06.18.23), with answers to the following questions.
  • Copy and paste the following questions in a blank Word document.
  • Respond to each question.
  1. Where are you in the writing process? (Just getting started? Strong drafts? Somewhere in between?)
  2. Considering the review criteria for your fellowship, what is going well in the draft?
  3. Considering the review criteria for your fellowship, what still needs work in the draft?
  4. What questions do you have for the person who reviews your essays?
  5. Where are you in the process of getting letters of recommendation?
  • Upload this document to the same folder under the D2L "Assignments" tab.