Graduate Writing Groups

Graduate Writing Groups are month-long groups to help graduate students create and achieve their writing goals. Currently, groups meet online. Participants will commit to the following:

  • Attend a planning session of about 1.5 hours to refine the month’s writing goals  
  • Meet with a graduate tutor once during the month to discuss writing and/or writing process
  • Participate in at least one Writing Efficiency Session each week
  • Attend a weekly one-hour group meeting to discuss the previous week’s achievements and the subsequent week’s goals

Summer 2023 Graduate Writing Groups

Although groups are tailored for specific students, all groups are open to everyone.

Writing Group for Indigenous Students

Writing Group for Women in Science

Dissertating Writers in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Other Campus Writing Groups

We are happy to promote other campus writing groups that are not affiliated with the Graduate Center

China Research Writing Group: If you are working on a dissertation, thesis or publication that discusses contemporary China, please join us to get inspiration from other writers. Contact Jin Li

Institute for LGBTQ Studies hosts a queer grad student writing that is on sabbatical over the summer

Previous Groups Graduate Writing Groups

  • Writing Group for Dissertating Women of Color (February/March 2022)
  • Writing Group for First Year Graduate Student Writers (February/March 2022)
  • Writing Group for Engineers (February/March 2022)
  • Writing Group for CALS students (March/April 2022)
  • Writing Group for Parents (March/April 2022)
  • Writing Group for Women in STEM (March/April 2022)
  • Writing Group for Dissertating Students (Summer 2022)
  • Writing Group for Dissertating First Generation Students (Fall 2022)
  • Writing Group for Master's Students (Fall 2022)
  • Women of Color Writing for Social Justice (Fall 2022)
  • Master's Students with International Interests Who are Writing About Fine Arts (Spring 2023)
  • Master's Students of Color in the Arts (Spring 2023)
  • Doctoral Writing Group for Non-Native English Speakers (Spring 2023)
  • Dissertation Writing Accountability Group (Spring 2023)
  • Writing Group for Underrepresented Students in STEM (Spring 2023)
  • Writing Group for Underrepresented/Master's Students in STEM (Spring 2023)
  • Master's Students Doing Humanistic Research (Spring 2023)
  • Doctoral Writing Group for Queer or Non-Binary Writers (Spring 2023)
  • First-Generation Master's Students Interested in Teaching (Spring 2023)
  • First Year Master's Students Interested in Social Sciences (Spring 2023)

If you would like to propose a writing group for a department or group of students, or if you have other questions, please send us an email and we can work with you.

Last updated 9 May 2023