Amanda Wilson

University Fellows Cohort Member, 2018-2019
PhD Student, Environmental Health Sciences
Portrait of Amanda Wilson
she, her, hers

Amanda Wilson is a doctoral student in the Environmental Health Sciences program in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and a Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Arizona. Her research interests include quantitative microbial risk assessment, exposure modeling, and exposure science. She enjoys the intersection of microbiology, mathematics, statistics, and behavioral sciences in risk assessment, because it drives her to be constantly learning new concepts and to think creatively about how to capture the larger systems that affect our health and well-being. A native of Gilbert, Arizona, Amanda seeks opportunities to incorporate creativity into her writing and research. She enjoys singing, songwriting, poetry writing, painting, pottery making, and jewelry making. Exploring a new art form and being a "beginner" again is one of her great pleasures.