Ana Julieta González-Gómez

University Fellows Cohort Member, 2020-2021
PhD Student, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching GIDP
Portrait of Ana Julieta González-Gómez
she, her, hers

Ana is a doctoral student in the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching program (SLAT). She earned bachelor’s degrees in Education and Modern Languages and a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish from Northern Arizona University. Her research focuses on how to create an engaging language learning environment, especially through use of technology, immersion pedagogy, and social media and electronic communication platforms. She is also interested in developing more effective ways to record students’ experience and their perceptions of teaching interventions. Ana’s experience in a multi-lingual family informs her work: she is from Tucson, Arizona, and is part of her family’s first generation born in the United States; most of her family resides in Guadalajara, Mexico. Beyond her academic pursuits, she enjoys baking – especially macarons, because of their challenge and range of flavors to experiment with.