Gregg Erickson

University Fellows Cohort Member, 2015-2016
PhD Student, Management Information Systems
Portrait of Gregg Erickson
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Gregg Erickson is a doctoral student in the Management Information Systems program. He earned an MBA and an MS in Industrial and Technical Studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and he earned a BS in Chemistry from the University of Washington. Gregg is an established entrepreneur, having co-founded three companies in the automotive industry, online support forums, and pharmokinetics. He also has consulting experience with Siemens Medical Systems and the Audubon Society His research is concerned with the impact of overdependence on assistive technology, with how to design assistive technology that avoids groupthink, and with the use of deception detection to screen patients and deliver higher-quality diagnoses. In his free time, Gregg travels the West, photographing the night sky, and posts his photos at is external).