Jessica Zanetell

University Fellows Cohort Member, 2018-2019
PhD Student, Applied Mathematics GIDP
Portrait of Jessica Zanetell
she, her, hers

Jessica Zanetell is a doctoral student in the Applied Mathematics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program. Originally from Colorado, she graduated in 2015 from Regis University in Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She then headed east to Wake Forest University, where she graduated with a Master of Arts in Mathematics. Her research interests lie in mathematical modelling, particularly applications in atmospheric and environmental sciences. She wants to explore ways to account for the effect of noise associated with tipping points in climate models, such as the Eiseman Wettlaufer model, in order to improve the efficacy and reliability of such models. Doing so will allow scientists, policy makers, and people impacted by climate change to make more informed decisions. In addition to her love of mathematics, Jessica enjoys hiking, yoga, and running.