Rebecca Renteria

University Fellows Cohort Member, 2021-2022
PhD Student, Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP
Portrait of Rebecca Renteria
she, her, hers

Rebecca is a doctoral student in the Arid Lands Resource Sciences program. She earned bachelor and master’s degrees in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology from the University of Arizona. Her research is at the nexus of archaeology; public health; and traditional food, land, and water systems. She is especially interested in the impact of various forms of colonization on mental and physical health related to diabetes among marginalized communities in the United States-Mexico Borderlands, the United States, and globally. Her roots in the Mexican American community have inspired her to continue to deconstruct the nuances of ascribed identities and relations to better serve marginalized communities in a culturally responsive way. Because her academic interests are so tied into and inspired by her everyday life, she makes time for running, bikepacking, spending time with her dog and family, and especially cooking anything to do with plants.