Victoria Luizzi

University Fellows Cohort Member, 2018-2019
PhD Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Portrait of Victoria Luizzi
she, her, hers

Victoria Luizzi is a doctoral student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program. She grew up in Seekonk, Massachusetts, attended Amherst College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and conducted research with Dr. Magne Friberg at Lund University in Sweden as a Fulbright Research Grant recipient in 2017 and 2018. Victoria’s research interests focus on how species interactions and natural selection on traits important to these interactions vary across time and space. She is especially interested in how plant-pollinator or plant-pollinator-antagonist relationships may be affected by changes in their surrounding community or environment. In addition to her fascination with science, Victoria enjoys writing, poetry, playing French horn, and hiking. As an undergraduate, she co-founded a club that involved building and playing alphorns made of PVC pipe and duct tape.