University Fellows Award

The University Fellows award is a prestigious fellowship offered to the University of Arizona's top incoming graduate students.Through a collaborative selection process, nominees for the award are offered a generous recruitment package.

Incoming doctoral students and students entering master degree programs that require 60 units of coursework are eligible for the award.

University Fellows Award Overview:

  • In year 1
    • $30,000 fellowship funding
    • Base graduate tuition coverage base in fall and spring semesters for courses taken through main campus for the first year
    • University of Arizona Student Health Insurance Coverage (comparable to Graduate or Research Assistant healthcare) for the first year
  • In year 2, $500 professional development award for attending conferences or professional development activities
  • In year 3, $2,500 for collaboration in a grand challenge symposium (optional)
  • Specialized leadership, professional development, mentoring, and interdisciplinary training.

For information on the award, please contact the Graduate Center Program Coordinator, David Bradshaw, at

Last updated 6 Dec 2016