Cohort Experience

A primary objective of the University Fellows Program is to produce interdisciplinary and collaborative leaders. To achieve this goal, the Graduate Center has developed weekly programming that fosters professional development, interdisciplinary innovation, community engagement, and mentoring, Fellows benefit from rich opportunities to forge new connections with people and ideas, while strengthening their foundational knowledge and professional preparation.

Cohort Experience and Opportunities Description:

    A locus for graduate enrichment, the program provides professional development and skills workshops, interdisciplinary colloquia, and community outreach opportunities. This year’s University Fellows professional development programs include grant-writing; inclusive leadership and diversity; written and oral communication skills; educational debt management and financial literacy; Responsible Conduct of Research and professional integrity; building interdisciplinary collaborations; mentoring; mental health and wellness; conflict negotiation; ethical innovation; the career search inside and outside Academe; and strategies for publication.

    To ensure that awardees benefit fully from the fellowship’s enrichment opportunities, the Graduate Center requires that University Fellows do not engage in other paid work and that they participate for at least 3 hours per week in programming, including enrollment in a 3-unit colloquium on Thursday evenings from 5 to 7:30 PM in the fall and spring semesters of their first year. The Graduate Center requests that programs exempt Fellows from teaching responsibilities or research assistantships during their first year. Each Fellow will be expected to serve as a mentor; incoming Fellows will also be assigned a mentor from a previous year’s cohort.

    Throughout their graduate career, Fellows will have access to ongoing professional development programs as well as social events, community collaborations, networking opportunities, and interdisciplinary colloquia.

      Last updated 9 Nov 2021