Ready to change the world? The Graduate Center helps you find opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills that complement your degree.

In Fall 2014, the University of Arizona Graduate Center opened its doors to provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows - as well as their programs - support that enhances their academic and professional success. The Graduate Center supports the next generation of researchers, academic professionals, and leaders by facilitating recruitment of distinguished graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, building opportunities for professional development and mentoring, and fostering interdisciplinary research, innovative collaboration, networking, and engagement with diverse communities.


The Graduate Center will assist University and Graduate College support for the next generation of researchers, creative and scholarly professionals, and other leaders by enhancing recruitment of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, offering professional development opportunities, and providing programs that foster interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Recruit more graduate students to UArizona
  • Recruit the top graduate candidates to UArizona
  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Establish new funding opportunities including new fellowships for graduate students
  • Increase the diversity of the graduate student body
  • Improve retention of graduate students at UArizona
  • Establish an intellectual and physical locale to increase interdisciplinary collaborations among students
  • Provide a needed focal point for improving services to post-doctoral fellows at UArizona
  • Provide a new structure for establishing mentorship relationships outside of traditional academic advising

Graduate Center Staff:

Meg Lota Brown, Ph.D., Director of the Graduate Center

Portrait of Dr. Meg Lota Brown, Director of the UA Graduate Center (Photo by John De Dios)

Meg Lota Brown is a Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies in the UA English Department. She is the author or editor of three books and has also published numerous articles on Reformation politics, Renaissance literature, science, art, theology, education, and authors from Shakespeare and Donne to Christine de Pizan and Rachel Speght. Dr. Brown has received nearly every UA major teaching award, as well as recognition for her research, service, and leadership. She is active on several graduate education related committees including the Graduate and Professional Student Council Advisory Board, and is a member of the Graduate Council. As the Director for the Graduate Center, Meg Lota is guiding the development and awareness of resources to help graduate students augment their studies with professional development, skills workshops, and interdisciplinary interaction.

David Bradshaw, MPA, Assistant Director

 Portrait of David Bradshaw (Photo by UAHS BioCommunications)

David Bradshaw is the Assistant Director for the Graduate Center. He is responsible for the daily management of the Graduate Center and for assisting the Director in the implementation of new initiatives for the center and the University Fellows program. David is a University of Arizona alumnus having earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Management and Policy from the Eller College of Management, and a Master of Public Administration from the School of Government and Public Policy. Prior to his work with the Graduate Center, David worked with the UA's Office of Sustainability and the City of Tucson implementing third party reporting, and promoting sustainability initiatives including the City of Tucson Green Business Certification Program, Project Pawprint, and the Arizona Higher Education Sustainability Conference.

Joel Muraco, Ph.D., Ph.D. Career Counselor

Portrait of Joel Muraco (Photo by Amanda Harrell)

Joel Muraco is the Ph.D. Career Counselor for the Graduate Center. He works with and develops professional development programming for doctoral level graduate students looking to transition into industry, government, business, and non-profit employment sectors. He is available to assist with identifying opportunities, conducting searches, networking, drafting application materials, and interviewing. Joel is a University of Arizona alumnus having completed his Doctorate in Family Studies and Human Development from the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. Joel's previous experiences include two years at the University of Arizona in Student Engagement and Career Development as a Career Educator, and three years at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay as an Assistant Professor of Human Development. 

Betsy Labiner, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Portrait of Betsy Labiner (Photo by David Bradshaw)

Betsy Labiner is the communications and outreach coordinator for the Graduate Center. She is a PhD candidate in English literature; her dissertation focuses on English drama from the 16th and 17th centuries. Betsy earned her bachelor's degrees in English and History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and continues that twinned focus on literature and history in her doctoral work. Her work for the Graduate Center includes the newsletter, which comes out twice per semester (the back catalog of articles may be found under "Articles"), collaboration with UA and local media, event coordination, and outreach both on campus and in the Tucson community. 

Sophie S. Alves, Projects Specialist

Sophie S. Alves is the Projects Specialist for the Graduate Center. She is a Ph.D. student in Mexican American Studies with a minor in Anthropology and a Certificate in Gender and Women's Studies. Her dissertation focuses on the deconstruction of anti-immigrant discourses about Mexican immigrant women and their children. She is passionate about diversity, equity, mentoring, justice, and student success. Her work for the Graduate Center includes administering the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Ph.D. Career Pathways project survey to UA students and UA alumni; being the CGS’s point of contact for participating colleges, departments, programs, and survey participants; collaborating with different partners both on campus and in the Tucson community to foster an inclusive environment for graduate students within the Graduate Center; and supporting other Graduate Center and University Fellows Program projects.

Anna Gerwig, Office Assistant

Anna Gerwig is the Office Assistant for the Graduate Center. She is an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona Honors College, earning bachelor’s degrees in English and Creative Writing. She is passionate about words and stories, and helping people voice them. Her work for the Graduate Center includes managing records for programs and updating the website and calendar.


Last updated 3 Apr 2020