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Meet Dr. Joel Muraco, Ph.D. Career Counselor

Submitted on February 17, 2020
In addition to the professional development workshops and seminars already offered by the Graduate Center, we are thrilled to announce a new service: Ph.D. Career Counseling from Dr. Joel Muraco. Dr. Muraco is already hard at work meeting with students, creating new programs, and strengthening alumni and employer connections to facilitate opportunities and support for students.

Language, Collaboration, and, Above All, Dignity

Submitted on February 17, 2020
Richmond Embeywa’s educational journey has taken him around the globe -- from Kenya to Germany to the United States -- as he pursues his research and participation in language pedagogy, particularly in regard to language learning in refugee communities. Now, as Embeywa works toward a PhD in Translational German studies, he again finds his studies taking on international scope.

Keeping Your Work Hot Over the Summer

Submitted on February 17, 2020
The university’s summer recess usually doesn’t mean the same thing to students in graduate school as it did when they were undergrads. Instead of a vacation, grad students are likely thinking about simply shifting, rather than stopping, their academic and career progress during those months. Summer institutes are one way to capitalize on the break from classes while staying focused on your scholarship and professionalization.

Go for the Grand Prize at Grad Slam

Submitted on February 17, 2020
Your work is worth $1,000 a minute -- and it’s time to earn it during Grad Slam, the campus-wide competition for the best 3-minute presentation by a graduate student on their research or creative project. Students in all disciplines are encouraged to participate and compete for the $3,000 grand prize! It’s an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their communication skills, particularly when it comes to conveying their specialized work to a mixed audience.

Looking Past the Puppy Dog Eyes

Submitted on November 11, 2019
University Fellow Gitanjali Gnanadesikan can explain the positive hormonal impact of staring into your dog’s eyes (simply put, it increases the release of the “love hormone,” oxytocin). She can also break down the implications of the fact that this eye-contact oxytocin boost doesn’t occur with wolves raised by humans. What’s even more fascinating are the questions to which she’s still seeking an explanation.

Intersections as Inspiration

Submitted on November 11, 2019
It’s a tired stereotype of graduate school and academia as a whole that scholars tend to isolate themselves in their own sphere, rarely connecting with individuals outside their immediate field -- much less the public! Here on campus, though, we’re not only breaking down boundaries between disciplines, but connecting and mixing them with galvanizing results.

A University Fellow’s Take on Pedagogy, Policy and Crisis Prevention

Submitted on September 18, 2019
Dylan Barton’s passion for youth and school psychology is an irresistible force. He has worked with children in community centers, the penal system, and schools; he is immersed in educational policy at both the K-12 and university level. Barton’s driving goal: provide support to prevent crises for youths.