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Providing for Parents Pursuing Graduate Degrees

Submitted on February 11, 2019
Nationally, roughly 13% of graduate and professional students are parents. Student parents are more likely to take a break during their path to degree, as well as more likely to leave their program without completing their degree. GPSC and Campus Rec recently hosted a focus group of graduate students who are parents in order to find out more about the unique challenges this demographic faces, and how to improve support systems for them on campus.

Bringing the Distant Past to the Immediate Present

Submitted on February 11, 2019
Doctoral student Paula Ugalde’s research focuses on something of an archaeological enigma: despite the near-certainty in regard to patterns of early human migration, the earliest archaeological site in the Americas is in Chile, rather than a more northern site closer to the land bridge by which humans arrived. Ugalde joined the Anthropology program at the U of A after extensive archaeological work in the field, and her current work combines archaeology and geosciences in order to approach the mystery from an interdisciplinary angle.

Calling All -- and We Do Mean ALL -- Grad Students

Submitted on February 11, 2019
If it’s spring, it’s time for Grad Slam. The annual competition is a fantastic opportunity to share your work, as well as to hone the skills needed to succeed in any profession to which you aspire. This year, there’s an exciting new opportunity specifically tailored for creative and performing arts students, as well!

The Strategic Plan Nears its Final Form

Submitted on October 24, 2018
The campus community has been participating in the creation of the strategic plan for close to a year, and it’s reached the home stretch. So what exactly is the plan, and what does it encompass? Dr. Elliott Cheu, one of the leaders of the planning process, explains the status of the plan and its many parts.