Lecture Series

The Graduate Center Lecture Series cover a range of topics from professional development to health and wellness and the best practices for interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. Information for all current and past lecture series is below.

Health and Wellness Series Fall 2020

A series of online workshops hosted by the Dean of Students Health and Wellness Initiatives and the Graduate Center to support graduate students’ physical, emotional, and mental health. Full series details available on the series website.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations 2017

You are invited to share the experience and insights of participants in four initiatives that bring together diverse perspectives from the sciences, arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and communities around the globe. In addition to discussing their innovative projects and synergies, experts will address best practices for creating, building, and maintaining collaborative initiatives. Full details available at the series website.

Healthy Living Series 2016

Offering a research-based approach to creating a healthy, balanced, and productive lifestyle

Staying healthy is key to being productive and happy, but can be challenging in this stress-filled world. This series on Healthy Living features eight talented scientists and practitioners who will share their research-based strategies and advice for how to achieve and maintain good physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health.

The series is hosted by The University of Arizona Graduate Center with support from the Office for Research & Discovery, and the School of Mind, Brain, & Behavior. Visit the series webpage for more information on speaker and videos of the presentations.

MacArthur Fellows Speaker Series 2015

The University of Arizona’s MacArthur Fellows exemplify exceptional creativity, significant accomplishment, and boundless potential. From neuroscience and astronomy to linguistics, ethnobotany, and anthropology, these scholars are changing the world for the better. This speaker series explores and celebrates the innovation and impact of our MacArthur Fellows' work. Full series details at MacArthur Fellows Speaker Series 2015.