Portrait of Meg Lota Brown

The Graduate Center provides professional development programs, expert specialists, and many other resources that enhance your academic, career, and personal success. We help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars forge new connections and strengthen their professional preparation. Working with partners across campus, we are a resource hub that fosters collaborative opportunities and interdisciplinary engagement with diverse communities.

Building communities and spaces that respect and celebrate a diversity of perspectives is critical to addressing challenges, communicating and connecting with others, and creating the world you want to live in. The Graduate Center incorporates these values into all our programs and initiatives. Whether you want to hone your writing and public speaking, develop interpersonal and networking skills, secure funding, create job application materials, or improve inclusive leadership and mentoring abilities, we’re here to help.

All our services are free for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. You are welcome to join us in person or online. We offer individual appointments, interactive workshops, professional development courses, wellness programming, lecture series, and at-your-pace training. I encourage you to visit the Graduate Center and join the thousands of students who have benefitted from our services and resources. We look forward to supporting your professional development as you prepare to shape a changing world.


Dr. Meg Lota Brown
University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Graduate Center
Associate Dean of the Graduate College
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs