Graduate Writing Lab

Writing support tailored specifically for the graduate and postdoctoral community

The Graduate Writing Lab assists graduate students and postdocs in becoming more skillful and knowledgeable writers over the course of their career at the university. We provide multiple services to support writers.     

  • Graduate Writing Tutors - Work with trained, certified peer tutors at any point in the writing process. Tutors are available by appointment in-person, on zoom, and through feedback loops
  • Writing Efficiency Sessions - Join us for two hour laid-back, yet structured, sessions to help you get writing done
  • Graduate Writing Groups - These month-long groups provide structure to help you make progress on writing intensive projects
  • Fellowship Application Development Programs - If you plan to work on a graduate or postdoctoral fellowship application over the summer, we can help
  • Writing Workshops - Interactive sessions designed to help you improve your writing practice and advance towards your degree

Graduate Writing Lab Programming: It's not about adding one more thing to your suitcase. It's about helping you organize everything, so you can get where you're going. (PS: The suitcase is a metaphor for your schedule.)

Last updated 22 Aug 2022